Regular Flake Shavings

Regular Flake Shavings

Small Blend Shavings

Small Blend Shavings

bagged shavings

Our bagged shavings

Little River wood shavings are 100% natural from Aspen or Pine. 

Shavings are processed from raw wood consisting of Aspen or Pine.  The logs are shaved at our mill.  They are then dried to less than 10% moisture by a ‘state of the art’ drum drying system.

Sizes and blends of shavings – (custom blending may also be arranged)

Our wood shavings are highly absorbent,  order eliminating and will leave your barns and stalls smelling fresh and clean (with proper cleaning).  For your animals protection, we only use aspen or pine timber.

Our wood shavings are also applicable in organic operations and are a renewable earth friendly product. 



Regular Flake Small Blend
Chicks Chickens
Poults Turkeys
Mink Horses
Chinchillas Dairy
Reptiles Mixes well with compost
Swine Oil applications
Great for shows Soil enhancer


Bulk shavings – you decide how you want them:

Bagged shavings –

Green Saw Dust-Great for: (Please call for availability)